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Jonathan Kirby is a record collector, author, and producer with the esteemed reissue label, the Numero Group. A native of Winston-Salem, he is an authority on music recorded in the Carolinas, and has amassed thousands of independently produced records from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, spanning all genres from doo-wop to hip-hop, folk to funk to rock.

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Josh Tickell is a Sundance Award Winning film director, bestselling author and thought leader in the fields of youth, climate and alternative energy. In 1997, Josh’s vividly painted “Veggie Van” made headlines across the United States as it picked up used frying oil and turned it into fuel. His subsequent movie, FUEL, went to theaters globally and was shown in the White House. He is author of the books KISS THE GROUND and THE REVOLUTION GENERATION. He is the co-director and producer of the upcoming documentaries entitled KISS THE GROUND and THE REVOLUTION GENERATION.  

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Having relocated to southern California in 2011, Sol, enjoys life with his young family while working to create content that inspires positive thought and action. Sol currently has several projects in various stages of production, including: The New Armenian, Land of Dreams, The Reunited States & Legend of the Seven.

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