CBTP Spotlight: Jason Lust


After graduating from USC's Peter Stark Producing Program, Jason Lust went on to found the successful management/production company Circle Of Confusion know for such groundbreaking work as The Matrix and The Walking Dead.  Then the daughter of one of his childhood idols, Jim Henson, offered him to run the Jim Henson Company's feature film division where he remained for seven years eventually developing and producing such movies as Alexander and the No Good Horrible Very Bad Day and the up and coming Happy Time Murders and is currently producing Fraggle Rock and Guillermo Del Toro's Pinnochio.  After he left Henson with a robust slate of movies in place, Lust formed a producing partnership with Animal Logic and helped them transition from a pipeline/facility into creative producers with a robust slate of branded IP.  As a result of his producing efforts with Animal Logic Peter Rabbit  became a reality and Lust is currently attached to produce Astro Boy, Fortunately the Milk with Edgar Wright directing and Johnny Depp starring as well as The Shrinking of the Treehorns which was illustrated by Edward Gorey along with Imagine Entertainment co-producing and a certain A list director attached.  After Animal Logic, Lust founded Soluble Fish Productions and has launched out on his own with a variety of producing partners within his fold.  He's currently just set up The Secret History of Tom Thumb at Fox studios and is working on a slate of other family movies with some very talented directors, writers, and producers that will all be announced shortly.  Lust is also currently in development on a slate of TV projects that are set up with a variety of studios, mostly applying the same approach in features to tv. Lust couldn't be more excited to continue to produce content that pushes the boundaries in all directions. The possibilities are truly endless!