DEGREES TO EXTINCTION is directed by Emmy Award-winning journalist and photographer Joyce Ferder Rankin, who has worked for top broadcasters including BBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, ITN and RTE. Joyce’s photographs have appeared in National Geographic and many other publications around the world.

Featured #CBTP2018 Event: A work in progress film screening of Degrees to Extinction featuring the film's director Joyce Ferder Rankin.

Daily we hear of new tipping points in the disaster that is climate change. Our planet is facing an extinction crisis, and we are not immune. But there ARE solutions, which if implemented on a broad enough scale can ameliorate the damage. Degrees to Extinction explores of these solutions and closes with a call to action -- together we CAN make a difference.

A film by Joyce Ferder Rankin
Executive Producers: Dan Rather, Wayne Nelson, & Zak Kilberg
Producers: Iz Web, Lori Knight, & Joyce Ferder Rankin

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